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Letter to Real Estate Buyer

Real Estate Sale F.A.Q.

Property For Sale



Parking Spaces For Rent

Sept. $50 Oct. $40 Nov. $30 Dec. $20
Jan. $90 Feb. $70 March $50 April $30

North on Main. Right on Campbell. East left gravel road
Drive Slowly. Private road. Left brick house.
“Park Here” sign. Leave a note.
Mail check and contact information to:
Dean Ganas, P.O.B. 589, Lexington, VA 24450-0589

DIRECTIONS: (5 minute drive from campus. Located in N.E. Lexington.) North on Main. Right on Campbell (drive slowly, especially at crest of hill. Drive at 5 MPH). East left fork. 900 foot gravel driveway. Do NOT park on the driveway. My property is best suited for high clearance vehicles. DO NOT park on my private road.

My driveway has several high centers that could scrape a low clearance vehicle. If your car is low, temporarily park at entrance and walk along driveway to locate these high centers.

Example of pro-rated rates, discounts and other fees: Aug. = Free. Sept. $50, Oct. $40, Nov. $20, Dec. $15, Jan. $45, Feb. $70, March $30, April $30, May = Free, to Sept.-April tenants, or $10/week for new tenants. Ride fee = $5. Free first ride. Free emergency rides and free use of my jumper cable. I prefer a check or M.O. Rent may be paid one month in arrears: e.g., March rent may be paid in April. Prorated rent for week of April 2, 2018, is $7.

Non-student rate: $80 per month.

Additional info: identify yourself and your vehicle, with name and phone & room numbers. Put note under wiper or on dash with magic marker. Leave a phone text. Send e-mail. If you are arriving at the last minute and have had no communication with me, check my door for any possible messages. Leave a note.

Drive slowly. Park to the left under the North-South power lines. If possible, park nose out.

Do NOT park on my road. Do NOT park on my driveway.

Do not tell people you have a car and where you park it. I advise against you lending your car to other students. I advise against permanently parking at my entrance turn-around area.
If you need a ride from me, call ahead with an estimated time of arrival, days or hours, in advance. After 9:00 p.m. I do not give rides. The most frequently encountered mechanical problem is low strength batteries. If possible, bring heavy duty jumper cables. Make sure your battery posts can give good contact. Have your battery checked by a mechanic. Buy a solar trickle charger or a battery charger. If you arrive on a weekday to check your vehicle for a weekend trip, do not idle your car for more than 10 minutes, as it may overheat. Idle on the driveway, not on the grass. Bring car cover, chains and snow tires.

After you park your vehicle, make sure the doors are locked, windows are closed, and lights are off. I need as much contact information as you can give me. Consider parking nose out, to make it easier to jump start your vehicle. Bring traction mats for wet grass and snow. Make contact with taxi, bus and car pooling services, before you need them. Meet the taxi at entrance turn-a-round and NOT at my home. Most mechanics want you to pick up your car, the next day. Do NOT leave your car at a repair shop, for a large number of days.

Pay attention to the weather forecast. Bring a shovel, reflective clothing, crampons and flashlight. Campbell Lane does not have a sidewalk. Walk single file and look out for cars.

Summary: Best landlord. Best real estate. Close to campus.

FEEDBACK: PRO: Great landlord. Valuable time-saving service. Informative. Landlord is ethical enough to admit an overpayment and is helpful in emergencies. Country seclusion within city limits. The 15 stepped acres of the Ganas homestead cannot be seen in its entirety from any one point, inside or outside the homestead. I do not have any immediate neighbors in close proximity to my residence. My homestead is to the east side of Campbell Lane hill. Most people near Campbell reside on the west side of the hill. The entire length of my private road and private driveway, counting the three turn-around loops, is almost 2,000 feet long. Campbell is a dead end. There is no through traffic. The beginning of the Ganas homestead is the end of the suburbs. From the Ganas homestead eastward is vast countryside dotted by a small number of houses.

CON: Slow to distribute statements and refunds. Road repair. I wish I had used a tarp and tire chains prior to snowfall.

FAQ: How do I initially go about doing business with you? During daylight hours, go on a self-guided tour. Then leave a message. Walk or drive by, and temp. park on island of entrance area turn-a-round. Walk along driveway. Later on, leave an E.T.A. via e-mail message. Plan ahead. Tour the week before you arrive. Leave a magic marker note on your dash while you tour.

How long have you been a landlord? There have been student cars on my homestead since 1949. I have been a landlord since 1974.

NEWS: Artwork for Sale: The Artwork of Dean Ganas. Available 2018.